Our Services

Our Services

Fund investment in Hong Kong is predominantly with large financial institutions. Investors are unaware of changes in their investments or which individual fund managers are responsible. Unit investment trusts, like mutual funds, are managed by large financial concerns, with diverse objectives, and are predominately invested in index-related stocks.

South Ocean Management invests in concentrated portfolios of less followed stocks on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. We stay in close contact with the company officers and managers of all our holdings. We are long-term oriented as demonstrated by a low portfolio turnover ration (i.e. less than 20%).

We have been based in Hong Kong since 1992 and remain focused on the Greater China markets, primarily Hong Kong. Clients receive regular information and analysis on the holdings in their portfolios. From our perspective in Hong Kong, we have first hand knowledge of current events, which often differs from Western media and analytical interpretation.

We manage segregated accounts for US Clients and South Ocean is also the fund manager to a Delaware Limited Partnership fund. For further information about our segregated client accounts and limited partnership fund see the links below.

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